We hope you've had fun completing the 2022 Adult Treasure Hunt as part of Swanage Carnival week.

This mini-site provides you with not only the solutions to each clue, but also some interesting extra facts that you may not be aware of. The site is not an "official" Carnival website, but is provided by me as an "added bonus" to the treasure hunt. If you've got any feedback or suggestions, please do let me know via the contact page.
If you just want to see the answers, click here; otherwise for full information and lots more, choose Answers.
If you've only just arrived in Swanage and would like a chance to complete the treasure hunt, you can download the clue sheet here. Please make a donation to Carnival though, it's not too late! 
Congratulations to PC, overall winner. We'll be in touch with you very soon. Congrats also to runners-up J&E M, and to the E & D Families - again, we'll be in touch shortly. Out of 75 completed forms returned, just these three scored 100%, though most scored really really well. 

PC's winning couplet was
The mighty Danes had had their day,
When Alfred fought them in the bay.